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At Victorian Spa and Wellness Center in Troy, AL, we provide personalized care

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Take advantage of our infrared sauna treatment

Our infrared sauna relieves stress and fatigue, regularizes blood flow, helps with joint stiffness and arthritis pain, helps with detox, and is a great post exercise treatment for muscle pain.

TurboSonic treatment for better muscle health

We also make use of a TurboSonic machine to heal your muscles. TurboSonic machines are highly-efficient vibration training and therapeutic devices. They can help you improve your health, strength, endurance, muscle tone, stability, and flexibility without going through a strict exercise regime.

Indulge in a refreshing foot detox

Foot detox involves removing toxic materials from the body by channeling through the pores in your feet which is the most effective route for removed toxins to flow out. It helps to reduce pain, increases your energy levels and provides relief from the symptoms of allergies and insomnia.